The Sleep-in Biel Offers a temporary overnight accommodation to persons in an emergency. The offer is primarily aimed at homeless people, addicts or people with mental difficulties.
During the opening hours two members of the team are present; they offer first aid and basic advice and are responsible for the correct running of the house
For further care and advice the guests are referred to specialized institutions.

Opening hours
Evening 08.00p.m. – 00.30a.m.
Morning 09.00a.m. – 10.00a.m.
During the day the hous is closed.

Prices / Bed&Breakfast: 6.-
Agreement for those who are on welfare: at the latest after 30 nights, the following nights will be charged with 30.- per night. (other Kantons than Bern: 60.-)
Coupons for a night can be ordered with us (6.- per coupon).

Rooms: The house has 29 beds and is divided in rooms with 1, 3 or 4 beds. One floor is reserved for women exclusively.
Reservations cannot be made.

During the opening hours we offer:
- catering (soup, fruits, breakfast) and cooking facilities.
- shower, hygiene articles, limited washing facilities and clothing if available.

Duration of stay
People from Biel and its surrounding area can choose between two variants.

1. 90 nights at most with a following break of at least 4 months.

2. 10 nights at most per month.

People from abroad:
7 nights at most with a following break of at least 1 month.

Groups (3 up to 5 people max.) are only accepted if there are enough places available.

House rules
- No violence, no verbal aggression, no drug-dealing!
- Respect for the members of the team and the other guests as well.
The instructions of the team must be followed! detailled house rules are distributed on the spot. If any question arise the team will gladly help you.
Those who break the rules are not allowed to enter the house anymore.

Mattenstrasse 13
2503 Biel*

*We don’t accept any mail addressed to a guest.

Tel: 032 322 02 03

How to contact us? By phone during the opening hours and every Tuesday during our weekly meeting between 4.30 and 6.30 p.m. Mails and letters are checked on Tuesdays only.

The Sleep-in is run by an independent association consisting of about a dozen members. The services rendered are subsidized by the city of Biel and sponsored by private donators.
Do you want to sponsor us?!

PC 25-15787-5

CH18 0900 0000 2501 5787 5



The house of the Sleep-In belongs to Stiftung Wunderland